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The RYLA Experience

Your RYLA experience will begin the moment you step on the bus, with leaders and other participants ready to help you make the most of this opportunity. RYLA brings together talented like-minded individuals from various backgrounds to participate in seminar workshops, outdoor activities and reflective exercises. And what experience wouldn’t be complete without a bit of fun, with daily activities and sessions planned to keep you on your toes.

Learning Outcomes of RYLA:
Personal Development
  • Display self-confidence

  • Develop lifelong learning skills

  • Display appropriate communication skills
  • Develop an understanding of the uniqueness of oneself

  • Identify the qualities of a leader

  • Promote team work

  • Embrace change

  • Create an action plan that ensures

    • The transfer of key program learnings

    • That creates habits of life-long learning

  • Discuss the Purpose of good citizenship

  • Understand and Promote the values of Rotary

RYLA 9600's 2021 Leadership Team


  • Greg Beard

  • Jane Hillyard

  • Colleen Caruana


  • Jimmy Postle 

Senior Leaders

  • Gareth Seeto

  • James O'Byrne  

Family Group Leaders

  • Bill Scriven

  • Mamata Dhital

  • Samantha Johnson

  • Sheyaan Manricks

  • Zashua Hall

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